Hi! My name's Amelia, Mia for short. Photography has been a lifelong hobby for me - I'm always that person at the family gathering who gets on everyone's nerves by constantly taking pictures. In 2010, I decided to turn my love of photography into a career when I began shooting weddings. After the first one, I couldn't wait to do another!

In addition to photography, I love singing, playing guitar and piano, baking delicious and unhealthy things, turning ugly thrift store finds into useful and adorable things, and having coffee/tea dates with my awesome friends (I may have a bit of a coffee addiction). I live in Loganville, Georgia with my wonderful husband, Ryan, and our two crazy furkids - a pitbull named Callie and a basenji mix named Penny. Above everything else, I love Jesus, my God and savior.


My philosophy as a photographer is pretty simple - I'm in love with real, unscripted moments. This is especially true for weddings. One of the most common things I hear from the bride (or groom!) is "I had no idea that happened!" With all the chaos during a wedding, it's easy to miss little things like the ring bearer stealing frosting from the cake or Grandma tearing it up on the dance floor. I'm constantly on the lookout for those fleeting moments. 

Does that mean I'll only take candid shots at your wedding? Only if that's what you ask for! I firmly believe that your wedding photos should be what you want them to be. Carefully crafted scenes and family portraits are wonderful, and they certainly have an important part in preserving memories of the wedding day. But what really makes me smile is when I'm able to catch a quick glance between the newlyweds, or a kiss on the cheek from the groom to his mom.

We know that cameras only work because of light. Technically speaking, the camera uses the light reflected off of the subject to form an image. But when you look a little deeper - in both a photograph and in life - you can see not only the light that comes from the sun, but the Light that comes from something we can't quite explain.

In the end, it's really just about love.